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Frequently Asked Questions:


So how do The Everyday Sales Mentor Videos work?


The best way to describe it is that it's a giant jukebox full of sales and business training videos, each running around a minute.


Once we identify how we can help you from your email, we then select a series of Video Tutorials that cover the aspects of what knowledge you require, such as you may have issues when closing a sale and want to develop a higher closing ratio.


Each video would cover a different closing technique, such as the Assumed Close, Book Close, Dual Close, the "Yes" close, the A/B close and so on.


What does it cost.


To keep it simple and cost effective, we charge a dollar a day. Once we identify what you require, we recommend the videos that are suitable for your situation, so If for example you have issues in the approach phase when selling, we have 15 videos ready to go.


Typically our clients tend to purchase videos in 3 month blocks in the short term, as they may have various skill sets they need to polish. Other clients purchase a years subscription and get a fresh look at a new sales idea everyday, making it a part of their daily routine.


How many sales do you need to close so it pays for itself?



At what time to the videos play?


Whenever you choose to watch them. As our name suggests, we are the Everyday Sales Mentor, so we provide one video per day, to specifically target one aspect of selling or business. We recommend you watch this particular skill video several times per day, to cement the message, keeping it top of mind as you go about your daily routine on the way to work, morning smoko, between clients, over lunch and on the commute home.


The next day you have a brand new video and we work on another aspect of selling, so you then go about your daily routine again. Each day we slowly build your skill sets, one idea at a time.