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About Us


The Everyday Sales Mentor is designed to grow your Business and your People.


It's perfect for new sales people wanting to learn the basics and for experienced Sales people moving into Management roles .  

We also assist small business operators looking to set up various business structures and provide mentors to you or your organization.





Our Philosophy


As an independent training program developer, you can be confident that the training you receive is appropriate to your requirements and of the highest quality.


Tell us what you need, and we will develop a solution specifically for you..

Personalised Service

We take the time to know who you are, and that you also feel comfortable with knowing who we are.


Poor service drives us crazy, so if you have any issues, tell us why and we will fix it.

Problem Solving

Simply email us with any problems or concerns you have, either in the field or in your business.


We will then develop a training package and develop a targeted solution for your particular requirements.


We value our integrity highly, and we rely on ongoing referrals to expand our business, so you will be treated in a professional manner at all times.


As mentors, our skills are based on our previous training and personal experience in the field.


What we provide is based on real world experience while being on the coal face and knocking on doors....



We have experience with sole traders and corporate entities, Retail, Agribusiness, Services, Manufacturing and Media.


Our skill sets have been formed by running our own retail operations and having walked through the doors of thousands of businesses over a 25 year period


A 25 year media career selling advertising and marketing packages to thousands of different businesses, in several geographic locations.

General Management and Sales Management

Running businesses as a General Manager with up to 35 staff and several million dollar turnovers, reporting to Board level. Developing high performing sales teams and training sales people in various geographic markets, in both media and manufacturing.


Successfully owning and running a start up retail business for several years, managing all aspects of the operation.

"To create better businesses and better sales people"


Our vision statement is only eight words long, but that's all it needs to be.  If we can make you a better sales or business person, we benefit as well .

Our Mission


Our mission is to help sales people to identify and then develop the following characteristics and skills in Sales and in Business: Enthusiasm, Technical Selling Skills, Style, Integrity, Life Balance, Personal Growth, Engagement.